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First and foremost, Matt is a Pianist. A pianist that loves to arrange, orchestrate and produce music. In 2014, Matt combined his […]

Musical Theatre Keyboardist

Matt spends much of his time in the pits of live musical theatre performances. A common site in the Vancouver Musical Theatre […]

Music Director – Sound Designer

Matt has worked with both youth and professional and professional performers. Have successfully musical directed the following productions: North Shore Light Opera […]

Arranger – Orchestrator – Mainstage Programmer

Have a piece of music running through your head but can’t get it on paper for your band. Matt will arrange your […]

Musical Improvisor

Matt is well known for his improvisational skills. Check out this video where Matt creates a piece from a deck of cards

Rehearsal Pianist

Matt’s ability to work with the performer from both a ¬†supportive and coaching role has helped many performers excel in their on […]

Matt is a Disney Guru

Matt loves Disney. At least once a year a trip is made to Disney to catch up with his pals. Matt has even played as a guest in Disneyland at the Refreshment Corner on main street, also known as Coke Corner, and The Golden Horseshoe in Frontierland. Long term dream, to write scores for Disney movies and play full time in Disneyland.

Matt is currently working with Disney Cruise Lines. You can find him on the Disney Wonder.

Have a favourite Disney tune - ask Matt, he will probably play it for you.

So Who Is Matt Grinke

Matt Grinke is Vancouver's top improvisational pianist. His work with Adlibretto, Off Key, and the Vancouver Theatre Sports League, have secured Matt's reputation. Matt takes his improvisational skills to a higher level with his amazing Jazz performances - if you get a chance to hear one of these performances, go, you won't be disappointed.

After returning from a tour in Edinburgh, playing  a minimum of two shows daily for three weeks, Matt began building a 17 piece Jazz big band. Matt's big band debuted on April 27th. 2018 at Friday Night Live in North Vancouver to a sold audience . Matt and the band has since had many sold out shows throughout the lower mainland. Future plans for The Happiest Big Band On Earth include touring, new charts, and the addition of vocals.

Matt is well known for his work with the Vancouver Arts Club, Theatre Under The Stars, Align Entertainment, Exit 22, and many more. During the COVID restrictions, Matt continued to work on many projects include writing and arranging scores for animation and immersive content.

Matt is currently on board the Disney Wonder as the ships "Floating Pianist".

Matt Grinke Heashot

Matt performs his musical card trick

Returning to his roots as a special guest at his ex-piano teacher's year-end recital, Matt performs his 'Card Trick', an improvised piece based on notes chosen by the audience.

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